365 Gratitude365 Gratitude

Daily Challenge

Complete the challenge and track your happiness using built-in tools

Rewire Your Brain

Reprogram your brain to find happiness in the present moment

Transform Your Life

Use proven principles of positive psychology to improve your life

365 Gratitude is not just your average journal! We’re a science-based app that will motivate you to cultivate a grateful mindset in just 5 minutes a day.

#1 Gratitude App

Linda Pokolm

My 1st app like this and It has changed my perception of life in the 1st 11 days. The challenges may look easy but in all reality the questions force you to look beyond the immediate field of vision. So grateful for this app thank you.

Shailla Ahmed

Great! I’ve almost completed my first week. The tasks are not too complex. I have enjoyed seeing the gratitude being broken down.

Jordan Maclellan

Excellent! Really love this application, already feel myself getting more positive and building momentum

Diana Carolina Quintero

Lovely tips and daily quotes are awesome I enjoy expending 5 minutes to be grateful

Nikhil Kochhar

Absolutely perfect! I loved this app. I didn’t know that this app will give me this kind of experience. Everyone must try this app at least once. U will thank app developer

Kim Simard

The exercises are designed to make you really think and consider things. They aren’t always easy; they’re challenging at times, but I always look forward to doing the next one.

S.Dhana Sekaran

Thank you.. I love the app, Because, I remember the things I am grateful for. Endless Gratitude.

Angelica Cifuentes

FANTASTIC! Simple, beautifully designed and really easy to use. Highly recommended

Sandra Ballester

When I stop to think about it, there is so much amazing stuff to be grateful for. It increases my appreciation of my life, like shining a light from a new direction.